Quick Start

If you have arrived at this site looking for help with binge eating or food addiction, here is my recommended content to start with:
  1. Go grocery shopping and stock your home with healthy foods
  2. Set a goal and define what abstinence means for you
    1. Define key terms for yourself
    2. You may find that this article helps with the concept of abstinence
  3. Take one day at a time: Get through your first day
  4. Read my notes on Never Binge Again, and read the book (free!) if those notes resonate with you
  5. Figure out if you're an abstainer or a moderator.
  6. Start thinking about what your food plan should be. Here's my Food Plan as an example. It is important to internalize that your food plan contains the rules you live by, and you must abide by those rules, every day.
  7. Research and find support
    1. Listen to podcasts and YouTube channels
    2. Read helpful websites
    3. Read helpful books
    4. Follow Twitter accounts about health and WeightWatchers for tips and positive reinforcement
  8. Celebrate milestones. Getting through one week of abstinence is a huge accomplishment.
  9. If you are also using WeightWatchers, here are my quick tips on finding success with WW
Last updated 2019.03.01

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